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About CATA:

Community Advocacy Through Art (CATA) is a project of the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation. CATA creates public art spaces and street art murals as mediums of social advocacy. With the support of local artists, businesses, and nonprofits, CATA provides art opportunities to community members of all backgrounds and bring awareness to local issues such as homelessness, mental health, and affordable housing.

Our Process:

  1. Research – Understand the salient local issues and which organizations are working for their resolution.
  2. Collaborate – Work with business owners, artists and city staff to determine mural design and financial sponsorship.
  3. Paint & Publicize – Paint the mural and share it with our community.

Our Team:

Cary Kelly
CATA Director
Eva Crosland
Open Paint Manager
Pamela Estes
RWCPAF Director
Lane Pianta
Board Member
Pamela Beard
Board Member
Alyssa Stein
Open Paint Coordinator & Volunteer
Malola Priya
Open Paint Volunteer