Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to join the CATA crew? We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, with all sorts of skills. Most important is that you have a passion for the arts and a desire to get more involved in the community. Contact with “CATA Volunteer” in the subject line to learn more.

More specifically, we would love to have more team members that fit one or many of the following roles:

Excellent Event Volunteers:

  • Assists on-site with Open Paint events, CATA fundraisers, mural unveilings and promotional events.
  • Assists with event-related logistics, including acquiring supplies, coordinating volunteers and event publicity.

Awesome Art Liaison:

  • Communicates with various artists and arts group stakeholders about CATA events and campaigns.
  • Assist artists navigate the city approval process for public art.
  • Keeps the CATA team informed about upcoming and local art events.
  • Researches potential grant or arts publicity opportunities for CATA.

Social Media & PR Super Star:

  • Publicizes CATA events, campaigns and announcements via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Contributes to the CATA blog with updates and articles.
  • Writes witty and engaging CATA materials to share with local news and media sources (like the City of RWC blog).

Bold Wall & Business Scout:

  • Identifies walls and other public spaces suitable (or ideal!) for public art.
  • Contacts business/property owners to initiate conversation about public art.
  • Connect to and inspire local fiscal sponsors of public art.

Non-profit Nurturer:

  • Identifies potential partner non-profits for advocacy and street art projects.
  • Works with non-profits to understand their pressing needs and goals.
  • Ensures effective support of non-profits’ interests throughout our street art and event projects.

Fantastic Photographer/Videographer:

  • Photographs and films CATA events, mural unveilings and mural paintings to assist with project publicity and fundraising.

Daring DJ:

  • Orchestrates beautiful tunes and solid beats to accompany CATA fundraisers, mural unveilings and other events.